Private Labels

Vast product line available for private label. Available gelato, sorbet, novelty bars and more! Packaging in plastic tubs, paper cups, glass cups and other formats. Choose from hundreds of existing flavors or possibility to personalize flavors for your needs. Production of Dual fill tubs. Wide range of toppings, inclusions and sauces.

Available Formats for Private Labels


Cylindrical PET Container

with screw-on cap – Multipack: X2 – X3 – X6

size: 250ml – 500ml – 750ml – 1lt

Personalize your label

and Cap color


Paper Cup

Multipack: X2 – X3 – X6

size: 125ml – 370ml – 500ml – 750ml – 1lt

Fully customizable

with your brand


Square Plastic Container Transp. Or White

Multipack: X2 – X3 – X6

size: 375ml – 500ml – 1lt

Available in Transparent or White,

with IML label or paper sleeve


Plastic or glass Cup

Multipack: X2

size: 120ml

Customizable with paper sleeve


Plastic Tubs

size: 900ml

Available Transparent or White,

with IML label, adhesive label

or paper sleeve